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Category: Martial Arts

Feb 26

Ultimate Mma Strength And Conditioning Course Dvd

Ultimate mma strength and conditioning course dvd. The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning is a program developed by Eric Wong, an instructor for assorted UFC fighters, from years of experience and intent study. It is a program including a mix of e-books to the theoretical phase and videos for the training phase. This isn’t a diet book, nor does it include supplements to choose the workouts. The work outs are not meant for body-building nevertheless for MMA conditioning, because the name in the program suggests. The distinctiveness on this program versus other known MMA training programs is that it introduces how “periodization” can certainly benefit the usually intensive trainings that MMA fighters undergo. Suppose the Tabata intervals: you are doing hardcore workout for the short span, say a few momemts, then rest for some minutes and continue the workout. Putting it simply, Eric Wong highlights that intervals and rest periods for MMA training can be effective way

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